Tk. 926 /mo
*when ordered Annually
  • Diskspace : 20GB
  • Bandwidth : 500 GB
  • Databases : Unlimited
  • Email Accounts : Unlimited
  • Websites : 25


Tk. 3/=704 /mo
*when ordered Annually
  • Diskspace : 110GB
  • Bandwidth : 2000 GB
  • Databases : Unlimited
  • Email Accounts : Unlimited
  • Websites : 150


Tk. 5/=556 /mo
*when ordered Annually
  • Diskspace : 220GB
  • Bandwidth : 4000 GB
  • Databases : Unlimited
  • Email Accounts : Unlimited
  • Websites : 300

Shared Hosting That's Better Than Our Competition


Included with All Hosting Plans

Billing Software Available

Keep Your Business Organized

Free cPanel & WHM

Save $425 a year

90-Day Guarantee

100% Money Back Guarantee

Free Domain Reseller

Resell popular gTLD's & SSL Certs

Free Auto Installer

400+ Available Applications

Data Backups

One-Click restore and backup

White Label

Our Resources, Your Brand


Access Email from Any Device

Multi-Layer Defense

DDoS and Malware Protection

The Power of Reseller VPS

Upgrade to our Reseller VPS plans and experience the next level of power, performance and reliability for your Reseller Hosting Business. Our Reseller VPS plans are equipped with SSDs - up to 20x faster than spinning drives, a High-Availability feature which gives your VPS an increase in redundancy via the cloud, Live-State Snapshot feature which gives you the option to revert back to a previous server condition, and a Root Level access to manage server-wide files and applications. All of our Linux Reseller VPS plans also come with a free Comodo SSL.

eCommerce Optimized

Performance and Reliability


Real-time Redundancy

Live-State Snapshots

Full Server Configuration Backup

Free Server Management

OS Security and Maintenance

Root Access Allowed

Flexible Software Options

All of our Reseller Plans include these features


  • Free Domain
  • Unlimited Domains/Websites
  • Addon Domains, Sub Domains, Parked Domains


  • Web Host Manager
  • SSH Access
  • Private NameServers
  • Unlimited FTP Accounts Allowed

Programming Languages

  • PHP 5 and PHP 7
  • Unlimited MySQL & PostgreSQL Databases
  • Fast CGI, RoR, PerL, Python, cURL, CPAN, GD, ImageMagick

Security Features

  • Patchman Malware Protection
  • Correro DDoS Protection
  • Website statistics
  • Custom Error Pages


  • Unlimited Email accounts
  • Webmail: Horde, SquirrelMail, Roundcube


  • Free cPanel License ($425/yr value)
  • Custom cPanel Branding
  • cPanel Multiple Languages

Reseller Hosting Platforms

Know the difference between Shared and VPS for your reseller hosting business.

Shared Platform

Shared reseller hosting share resources such as CPU usage, power limit, virtual and physical memory of a web server. This platform is usually best for hosting small-sized websites such as blogs, personal websites, or other low traffic sites.


If price is a big factor for you, then shared reseller will be the better choice. You share a web server and its resources with everyone and there’s no maintenance, therefore this cuts down the cost of the platform.

No Maintenance

Shared reseller plans require no maintenance and upkeep. You won’t have to worry about patches, security and server updates that a typical VPS server would need on a regular basis.


Shared reseller limits you within the disk space and bandwidth of your plan, and it’s a fit for those who just need a specific resource limit. You can easily scale up to higher plans if you need more disk space and bandwidth.

Beginners to Advanced Resellers

Shared reseller is recommended for beginners to advanced resellers with a low number of clients that do not use a lot of resources per month. We highly recommend beginners to start with a shared reseller hosting plan.

VPS Platform

Virtual Private Servers are virtual server machines. You are allocated resources such as RAM, Bandwidth, and Disk Space in a virtual partition of a server. You also have more control over server-wide settings and applications than shared reseller hosting.

Root Access Available

VPS has Root Access - a superuser access which allows you to edit all of your system files, install and configure server-wide applications like Apache or MySQL. Root access is only available on a VPS.

Maintenance Required

VPS requires regular maintenance to ensure that the OS and security are up-to-date. Because of this, most customers prefer a managed VPS hosting plan so they won’t have to worry about the upkeep.

Better Performance

VPS is also scalable, but what makes VPS better than shared is the improved performance and security because of its allocated resources when compared to shared reseller.

Advanced to Expert Level Resellers

Recommended for agencies and hosting resellers who are in need of a better performance platform. These resellers will have a high number of clients that consumes high volume of resources to run their e-mail, eCommerce sites, high-traffic sites and other projects that require root level access.

Chat with us if you need more help figuring out the right Reseller Hosting platform for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Reseller hosting allows you to re-package and re-sell server resources as if they were your own. You can use your allocated hard drive space and bandwidth to host websites on behalf of other companies and individuals. So basically, it gives you the ability to serve as your own web hosting company. You have your own clients, under your own brand, and you have the ability to set any price you choose. InMotion Hosting's Reseller Program handles everything on the backend: server management, hardware and software upgrades, load balancing, etc., allowing you to focus on expanding your business. With anonymous name servers our Reseller Hosting accounts are completely white label, giving you full branding capabilities.

You, the reseller, are responsible for providing support to your customers. InMotion Hosting will provide you with 24/7 U.S. based support via email, live chat, and telephone. You also have access to our Support Center of articles, tutorials, and more.

Yes, we will transfer your site for you. If you look at our Website Transfer Checklist, you will see that we just need some basic information from you before we perform the transfer for you.

We also have a guide on how to perform your own website transfer if you’re in a hurry or would like to do it yourself.

Yes, you have complete control over the amount of resources that each of your customers receive. You have the ability to assign as much or as little disk space, bandwidth, domains, etc. as you like. You are only limited to the amount of resources on your reseller hosting plan.

InMotion Hosting’s reseller hosting includes FREE WHMCS which is a comprehensive billing interface that helps you manage, automate, and invoice your customers. It gives you a detailed overview of all your accounts, whether paid, overdue, or cancelled.

Yes, you can do this at any time. If you choose the wrong plan, do not hesitate to contact us and one of our reseller hosting specialists will be happy to help.

All of our reseller hosting plans come with a free eNom Domain Reseller account which will allow you to register .com’s, .net’s, .org’s and all the other top-level-domains for your customers.

Yes. Just in case a client deletes something important, we perform automatic backups of your data every 24-36 hours. This ensures you will always have a copy of your latest data.

As a reseller, you have the ability to use your own custom nameservers, which can help you in branding your reseller accounts. For example, instead of having them point to our default nameservers, you can have them point to:
We also have a guide on how to use your own custom nameserver.

We are the first web hosting company to utilize green air cooling technology. We care about the environment and what we leave that’s why we utilize an advanced Outside Air Cooling technology in our Los Angeles Data Center. This cuts down cooling cost by nearly 70% and it also reduces our carbon footprint by 2000 tons per year!

Setting up new accounts is a fairly simple process. Just fill in a few details and you’re good to go. All-in-all it takes about 5 minutes.

We also have a guide on how to setup a new account in your reseller hosting account.

Have a detailed look into a comparison with HostGator and SiteGround, as well as the Compare Us tab for other competitors.

Yes, we offer a Comodo SSL for $99/year that can be purchased through your AMP login. For more information on how to buy and set up your SSL, see How to Purchase/Cancel SSL from AMP.

We have servers on the East and West coast of the United States. Click here for more details.

Our west coast data center in Los Angeles is connected through One Wilshire, also known as the "most connected building" in the world according to Wired magazine. InMotion Hosting is also connected to four tier-1 ISP's via BGP. We also have a BGP route optimizer to ensure only the fastest routes are used for your data.

Our Herndon, Virginia data center includes two tier-1 ISP's via BGP, route optimization and a carrier-grade network core.

A more comprehensive outline of the specific system specs can be found here.

We provide YOU the Reseller Hosting client 24/7/365 customer support, as well as access to our Support Center with more than 1,000 articles and videos. It is your duty as a reseller hosting to provide your clients with support. That's a benefit though, as providing localized support is your competitive advantage as a Reseller Host.

Also see our Everything Reseller page.

It's best to check out our File Download Test and test which center you can download our test file from faster. That will give you a better idea of our server speeds.

Whether you start out with the R-1000S and upgrade up the ladder to a R-3000S - we have room to grow with you. If you ever outgrow the Reseller Hosting plan that you're on, you can always move to VPS, Dedicated Servers or our Commercial Class Servers.

We have a 99.999% network uptime. Here at InMotion Hosting we believe in offering you not only the most reliable network possible, but also the fastest. This is why we have our exclusive Max Speed Zones, which include a choice of data centers for our Business Hosting and VPS solutions.

Global Customers

Closer to the Internet

It's no secret that the closer you are to an Internet Exchange Point(IXP), the faster your ping time becomes. That is why InMotion Hosting is directly at the Los Angeles and Washington, D.C. Internet Exchange Point(IXP). Unlike other hosting companies that are hundreds of miles away from the closest IXP. You can rest assured that your site’s response times is one of the fastest in the industry.

Serving Our International Customers 24/7/365

Take solace in knowing that our Tech Support team is here for you 24/7/365. No matter where you are in the world you have our expert support staff available to you at any hour of the day. We can provide help via phone, chat, or email. So even if you prefer to avoid making an international phone call, the convenience of our Live Chat puts you directly in contact with someone to help you. Customers from all over the world receive the same level of unmatched dedication from our expert hosting staff.

The Best Value in Web Hosting

A key factor behind making any business decision is value. One of InMotion Hosting's primary focuses is providing the best value possible for your business. This is not only reflected in our top-of-the-line Dell hardware and network infrastructure, you can also see this reflected in all aspects of our business, all the way down to the expert and friendly 24/7 support you receive. Simply put, we are the best value for your dollar.

Personalized Payment Options

Hostrology offers multiple ways of payments for our international customers. We understand that not all payment options are created equal. We accept all major credit cards, Purchase Orders, PayPal and Checks.

Chat with us today to learn more about our payment options.

Chat with us if you have any questions.

Discount is applied on the first term. Renews at reseller subscription price.

Robust Security Features

We take the utmost importance in our customer’s security. Our servers are equipped with Corero’s DDoS protection that automatically detects and mitigate DDoS attacks, and Patchman’s Malware detection - a security protection which automatically scans and detects malware vulnerabilities. So relax, we know how important security is to you, and we’ve got a top-notch team to help prevent such hack attacks.

Outstanding Support Team

We know how important support is to you, so that’s why we are here for you, 24/7! Get a hold of us via phone, live chat or email and we’ll be more than happy to help you solve your web hosting problems. When web hosting throws you a curveball, you’ll be relieved to have one of the best support and customer service team in the industry helping you throughout your reseller hosting journey.